"I just want to send you a quick email to thank you and your staff for the outstanding presentation today at the CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board).  Wow, it's amazing how little changes on the way we say things to our clients can have a big impact on the results we want or hope to achieve.

Thank you for the Power of Persuasion card you gave us to remember key points discussed."

Jessica Taburada
Real Estate Associate

"As you know, we’ve tried a number of different approaches to further our progress as a sales culture. We’ve tried training our Branch Managers and having them pass it along to their staff. We’ve tried having all frontline staff in to take part in sales training sessions. The training was always good – but the retention wasn’t. People struggled to remember 1 or 2 basic concepts from 8 hours of training – and this was only after a few months. Moving forward we were concerned about traction – that being retaining the critical information. I have to tell you that I’m very impressed with your new video series. The 8 principles of influence are very well done and they way the program is delivered it has dramatically improved retention. I always believe that the best training is that which you can take away from the office and use in your daily life. And that’s certainly the case with these videos. In fact, some non frontline departments have asked to be included in this training just so they can improve their communication skills. I also appreciate that we have a sales development program for the entire year."

Dan Coldwell CFP
Vice President, Business Development
Pace Credit Union

"I am thrilled to report that your session was the highest rated session of the conference. We rate all of our sessions by Session Content Relevance and Speaker Effectiveness and your session came in on top in both categories – congratulations and THANK YOU!  The mosvaluable session so far.  Subject matter watotally relevant and interactive. Participants were engaged, thanyou!

Very good and simple advice we can all apply quickly."

Nathalie Lavallée
Chief Operating OfficerNational
Golf Course Owners Association Canada

"A customer called me on sunday morning after the conference for an information appointment on sunday evening. With my bags still in my trunk, I drove to meet with the customer and I made my pitch and used some key advice from the conference keynotes and learnings from other more-experienced Zees. I pitched the Elite $2200 package first, I talked about what the customer would lose if they went with an agent, etc. Anyway, just wanted to share that it worked GREAT!!! Most of my sales to date have been $799 + MLS. Using this new technique, I've made the biggest sale by more than double. The technique worked like a charm. Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great conference, great speakers, great advice, great coaches!!! You're awesome!!"

Maricon Aquino, P.Eng, PSP
Franchise Operator
PropertyGuys.com Inc.- Sell Your House. Pay Yourself.

"Gary, on behalf of Ian and the entire team who attended Wednesday's session, I wanted to thank-you for coming out and really hitting a home run with the team. You did a super job of setting a positive tone for the day.  Your content was bang on the mark for what we were trying to do with the team at the session.  Your energy and enthusiasm really got them jacked up and engaged.

Thank-you for bringing the copies of your book. By the way, I'm already 40 pages in, and really enjoying it."

Leslie R. Baker, CFP, CIM, CFA 
Regional Sales Advisor 

"Gary this was one of the best presentations I have ever hosted for my realtors.  In the audience there were also two owner brokers of my in-house real estate offices and they were so impressed with the content and you the facilitator.  After the session I had a line up of folks thanking me for inviting them to this session. I also received a bcc copy of a response my agent send a client he then emailed me and said and I quote "wow I am putting what I learned today into practice all ready".  Gary like I said when I sat through your presentation the first time I was extremely taken by the simple rules of changing only a few words and how different the impact is on the client.  I want to thank you once again for making me look good in front of my referral sources and hope to see you again soon."

Brenda Manning
Mtg Dev Manager

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your presentation last month.  Over the years I have been a part of many sales courses and workshops – many of the skills taught are lost as soon as our sales people are in front of a member.  Your down to earth presentation style and easy to remember principles has had a lasting impact on our staff. I believe that your book is very helpful in supporting the material you covered – I can tell who amongst our staff has endeavored to read it and who hasn’t...We would really love to have you back."

Dan Coldwell CFP
Vice President, Business Development

"Gary, we had a great time...they haven't stopped talking about you!. You were outstanding!"

Draj Fozard 
Vice President Member Services

"Outstanding,!! It all makes sense and resonates,and produces results.  Mr Ford has captured the essance of selling and why people buy.  Understanding a purchasers needs and wants.  Truly Impactful."

Gary H Laughlin
Senior Vice President

"Gary, I just wanted to say thanks again for your recent " Life is Sales " presentation to our sales Team.  The feed back that we received was just exceptional !!  Personally, I thought the presentation was very informative, contained lots of good learnings and reminders relating to effective selling techniques as well as it was done in a fun interactive way.  I know people walked out of the presentation armed with a some new ideas and concepts that really do work !!  I know because I'm now using a few of these techniques !!"

"Gary, thanks again for your good work. "

Ron Cameron Vice President Oakville
and Mississauga District.

"What can I say other than "WOW!" Great response.  Everyone enjoyed your presentation and when I hit the bar at 12:15am this morning they where all still talking about it.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and a copy of your book which I will be reading."

Tracey Greenspoon-A.M.P.
District Sales Manager