Length of Course: 2 hours

Audience 24 - 100

This is the series of programs that follow the Power of Persuasion. There are three specific seminars, and each of these goes into much more detail around two of the six principles of influence. We include some role play to enhance the learning and application of these principles back on the job. The right activities don’t really pay off unless they are backed by the right behaviours. Learn how to see moments of opportunity in a conversation and learn what to say to get to YES.

It is our recommendation that participants take the Moments of Power series of seminars 4 to 5 months after the Power of Persuasion, and then every 4 to 5 months until the group has completed all three segments. Follow up and continual reinforcement is critical if we expect long term behavioural change, impacting results at the local level or in the field.

Learning Points: 

•  Enhanced understanding of the Power of Persuasion principles

•  Role play with real life case studies and situations

• Commitments made to practice techniques on the job – the right behaviours.

•  Influence skills significantly improved for better results

•  How to win friends and influence people