Service Excellence

Length of Course: 1.5
Audience 24 - 100

This program discusses the fact that companies don't fail on the major issues, it's usually the small items that are unattended to that cause significant problems with customer service and growth. We investigate the moments of truth that occur in those first 10 to 14 seconds, when customers see us or our branch and how they judge the rest of the conversation based on that first impression.

We review the "broken windows" philosophy and use case studies to see how dealing with the detail can result in significant enhancement to service and sales. This is an interactive program where participants do a virtual tour of their branch and discover their own broken windows and make commitments to "Retail is Detail". Learn the key “Best Practices” that will change the way customers perceive your value proposition. 

Learning Points: 

•  Change the environment, change the results

•  How to create a team founded on excellence

•  What to look for in enhancing first impressions

•  Build rapport - build business