Sales Conversations

Length of Course: 4 hours
Audience 10 - 30

This training module is designed for those who deal with customers in person on a daily basis. It provides a universal approach service providers or sales staff can use to manage any customer interaction with confidence. This can be broken into two sessions if the client prefers.

Within this framework, participants learn how to gain the customer's confidence and cooperation from the outset, and how to use questions to uncover and confirm customer needs. We use role play to showcase the techniques on how to close and follow up to build the relationship and build the business through larger share of wallet and referrals.

Learning Points: 

•  Know the four common segments of a conversation cycle

•  Learn how to gain customer confidence quickly

•  Use open and closed questions to understand the customers' needs

•  Practice the power of restatement to guide the conversation

•  Learn the magic words to increase the close ratio

•  Discover the secrets to follow up and retention

•  Best practices for that first interaction and building stronger relationships