Price is Never the Issue

Price is Never the Issue

Length of Course: 1.5 to 2 hours
Audience 24 - 100 lenders & brokers

This program attacks the notion that mortgage lenders must compete on price because mortgages are becoming a commodity. We provide learning around the value proposition individuals must make to avoid the price trap. We provide answers to "what is your best rate" and how to shift the conversation to the value rather than price. People buy value they don't always buy based solely on price.

This is a challenging program as many have difficulty dealing with price shoppers. We will discuss ways to get the price shopper to give you a second chance after they shop with your competitors and discuss how to increase your close rate significantly. Getting clients to phone you back is far more effective than you doing a follow up phone call. We will share the secrets to get customers to phone you back before they decide.

Learning Points: 

•  How to negotiate price

•  Sell value not price

•  How to outsell price cutters

•  How to build value

•  How to handle the price objection