Power of Persuasion

Length of Course: 2.5 hours
Audience 24 - 100

This session presents a new and unique approach to influencing your clients and referral sources to say "yes" to your requests more often. Using the psychology of human nature, we investigate how to be more persuasive and in turn more successful.

This highly interactive session is both fun and challenging. We discuss simple yet effective techniques to help sales people get what they ask for and close more business. By making more powerful requests and becoming increasingly aware of those key moments of power during a conversation, you open the door to becoming more influential. We ask six sales related questions on how you would position certain requests, and provide the scientific research that supports consideration for a new approach to building relationships, networking and getting more referrals and more business.

This is the most popular of our value add programs for all employees involved in the sales process.

Learning Points: 

• Increase referral sourced business

• Enhance how "to ASK for the business"

• networking skills

• How to get "shoppers to phone you back"

• Be more influential in all aspects of life