Overcoming Objections

Length of Course: 1 - 2 hours
Audience 24 - 80

Serving customers who are frustrated, angry or who have had a bad experience is a challenge for both new and experienced service providers, and requires extraordinary patience and tact. Research shows that the effort cannot only restore the customer’s loyalty, but can create an even stronger relationship.

In this module, participants discuss the positive and negative customer experiences and learn how to restore a customer's trust and confidence. In addition, participants gain insights and learn techniques for managing their own reactions in difficult situations.

Learning Points: 

•  Identify things that set customers off

•  Why it's important to heal relationships after an angry experience

•  Manage one's own personal reactions to emotional statements made customers - how to choose the right behaviour

•  Use several defusing techniques with customers who are angry or upset

•  Take action to turn things around after a service breakdown and how service recovery can win referrals