Coaching for Success

Length of Course: 2 hours
Audience 18 - 32

This program is based on the book “Life is Management” by Gary Ford. Managing people has shifted in recent years from micro management to coaching. This transition has not been easy for many managers as their natural style is to tell people what to do and to micromanage by finding things wrong so they can help employees fix their weaknesses. This strategy has proven ineffective over the years and yet many managers find it difficult to become effective coaches. They don't understand what coaching means or how to use this tool effectively so they rely on their natural tendencies to control.

This seminar will focus on clear scientific research that supports an effective coaching style. One that is inclusive and the staff become engaged in the success of the company rather than doing what they are told. We will show how to build on strengths and how this will significantly impact the performance of your team. We provide a template that will make it simple to be much more effective almost immediately. This program is a life long approach to how we grow our people in the competitive business world we face today.

Learning Points: 

•  The difference between management and coaching

•  How to build on strengths

• Role play on coaching - words count!

•  How to gain commitment from employees and keep it

•  Align individual goals with corporate goals