About Gary

About Gary

Helping on his grandfather's farm in rural Exeter, Ontario, Gary was able to learn the value of hard work and discipline.  A valuble tool he learned during this time was the sense of immediate gratification of seeing results.  In his own words, "as you watch the plow turn the earth, you realized the results of your actions immediately".

This has contributed greatly to Gary's unique management style.  His philosophy is to always train his staff to "roughly west" - instead of building a fence to lead his team to his desired results, he believes they can take their own route to the end result.  Empowerment and ownership produce results.

Managers often like to tell their employees how to get there, but Gary's style is to coach them back on track as they veer off, which is where the term "roughly west" comes from.  Gary has spent his life with a commitment to mentoring and coaching in every job, and gets a charge out of watching wheat (a nod to his farming days) and people grow.

The best advice Gary was ever given came when he was putting himself through school working at a gas station. His boss at the time said something that stuck with him through the years - "even if you're just pumping gas, you need to be the best gas-jockey you can be.  Wherever you are - BE THERE".  Gary took this advice and developed it into his own personal mantra, which is "build on strengths".  No matter where you are or what you do, take what you are given and be the best you can be from that.

Gary enjoys fly-fishing, a round of golf and taking his '74 Triumph TR6 out for a spin.