Asking for Business

Length of Course: 1.5 hours
Audience 24 - 150
Most people in sales are still rather humble people and really don't like to ask for business but much prefer to hint at the business instead. This program demonstrates how to make more powerful requests and get more of what you really want. Many people are afraid of rejection and this is usually the reason we prefer to hint. If we know what we want and know how to ask for what we want, the results will surprise you.

This highly interactive program deals with the psychology that holds us all back from achieving our goals and presents simple yet effective methods of scripting to capitalize on why people say yes to requests. This is an excellent follow-up to the "Power of Persuasion" program which should be the pre-requisite for most programs we offer. This is a unique way of looking for the business with well researched, proven results that will make a difference in your life. Take control of your life and start making those powerful requests that will lead to amazing success.

Learning Points: 

•  Know what you want as the starting point for all sales

•  Make more powerful requests

•  Accept "no" as professional, not personal

•  Learn how to control your inner voice that limits your success

•  Increase referrals and increase sales results and using the "self-fulfilling prophecy" to your advantage