Length of Course: 3.5 hours
Audience 24 - 80

This is a case study of a jury trial as 11 jury members vote guilty and one votes not guilty. The exercise involves understanding the various management, leadership and sales skills used to change the minds of each of the jurists, one at a time. Discussions and learning will be tailored to the specific needs of the group attending. Team building and team dynamics play a key role in the learning, as smaller groups have to arrive at a consensus, who will change their mind next and what technique was used.

This program turns quite competitive between teams as we keep score of their success at determining who changes their mind. The group discusses why and then determines who is next and why.

It is a challenging and exciting learning opportunity from a totally different perspective than most training programs. Participants have commented that it was the most valuable program they have had in years, and have said they will never forget the experience. You will never watch a movie the same way again!

Learning Points: 

•  A study of team dynamics and how to build team support

•  Winning against the odds

•  Invite others to join the team

•  How to deal with different character traits

•  Management and sales skills